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Welcome to Zapgirl and The Podcast!

My goal is to bring you stories about life-saving, life-living, and life-giving. Our guests have survived and thrived in spite of life-changing circumstances. They share their insight as to what they did to overcome their challenges and empower you to do the same. 
Do you have a story or know of a story that you feel has to be told? I'd love to hear from you! 

THANKYOU for listening...

Sending you all the love from my enlarged heart!!! 

(p.s. Be sure to scroll through the page for picts 📸)

Highlights from Minneapolis, Minnesota with Paul Wylie (Episode 6)
Highlights from Kona, Hawaii with
Cajsa Lindberg (Episode 5)

Carrie Romero

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor

Heart Disease Overcomer

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I live to help save your life

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